• 2016 Smallmouth Bass Photos

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Amanda Wellam 19.5 Bass

Charlie Wesonig 20 Bass

Connie Hottel 20 Inch Bass

Smallmouth Bass

Duncan Yungtum 18 Inch Bass

Duncan Yungtum 19 Inch Bass

Garry Abfalter 18 Inch Bass

Grant Vangilder 19 Inch Bass

Ingrid Headley 20 Inch Bass

Jack 19 Bass

Jack Chiles 19 Innch Bass

Jack Oxford 19.5 Bass

John Hottle 20 Inc Bass

Joi Reinhart 18 Inch Bass

Lonne Anderson 18 Inch Bass

Lonnie Polacek 19 Inc Bass

Tom 19 Jack 20 Bass

Tom Branaen 18.5 Bass

Tom Branene 20 Inch Bass

Trevor Schlein 19 Inch Bass

Vern Doty 20 Inch Bass

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