• Trophy Fly-in Fishing

    On Delaney Lake & the famous English River System

    Our guests can fish for many different species including Walleye,
    Bass, Lake Trout, Pike & Muskie.

Eat, sleep & fish and we'll do the rest!

A Typical Day at the Lodge

For guests heading out on the English River for an exciting day of fishing, your day starts with breakfast at 6:45A.M in the main lodge. Our pontoon boat takes you to the portage trail for your few minute walk to the English River, or ride across on one of our all-terrain vehicles. Embark in an 18’ Lund Alaskan boat, fully-equipped with comfortable swivel seats with high backrests, your choice of beverages, a reliable guide and everything you'll need for a great day of fishing. Break at noon for a memorable Canadian shore lunch, where you'll supply the main course, and your guide will do the preparation, cooking, and serving. After lunch, you are back on the pristine waters for more action and then head back to the lodge late afternoon for dinner. After dinner guests are welcome to take a boat out (no guide) on Delaney Lake to fish for bass, trout, pike and muskie.



A favorite with anglers and unsurpassed as tablefare. Caught in large numbers from mid May through October, moving from the shallow bays in spring to rocky shores and reefs with cooler water and current as the summer progresses.

Best Methods: Jig and a minnow, Slip Sinker with live bait, Drifting, Slow Trolling a Diving Plug or Live Bait on a Spinner Rig 6 to 10 pound test line.



A species regarded for their aggressiveness and known for their fighting ability. Pike in our waters can easily exceed 40 inches in length. They start out shallow in the spring and move into deeper waters as the season progresses. Northern Pike are most commonly found in weedy bays.

Artificial Baits: Bucktail Spinners, Large Spoons, Jerk Baits, #4 and #5 Mepps Spinners, Weedless Spoons, Large Crankbaits, Medium to Deep Diving Crankbaits later in the season.


Smallmouth Bass

Pound for pound the gamest fighter to be found. They have thrived in our Northwoods lakes and are readily available to anglers year round. A thrill for the light tackle enthusiast and an excellent fish for catch and release as they have no teeth to contend with.

Best Methods: Casting, Drifting, Split Shot or Slip Sinker with a live minnow 4 to 6 pound test line. When fishing cover heavier 10 pound test line is recommended.



Patience is needed when stalking the Muskie as they are known as the fish of 1,000 casts, and many experienced Muskie fisherman refer to them as the fish of 10,000 casts. The English River System and Delaney Lake both produce Muskies in the 40 to 50 inch category. For those anglers who have never caught a Muskie and aren't worried about size, we also keep several boats on a cache lake which produces many smaller Muskies. At Delaney Lake Lodge we practice catch and release for all Muskie.

Lake Trout

Plan a day to fish Delaney Lake for these powerful fish that sometimes reach in excess of 20 pounds. A cool, clear water fish, they are most frequently found in large numbers in shallow water early in the spring and late in the fall when they come "up" to spawn. During hotter weather trout frequent the deep, cold waters of 100 feet or more. For effective catch and release, limit the amount of handling and time taken to release the fish.

Best Methods: Jigging, Trolling, Drift Fishing and Casting 10 to 17 pound test line with a swivel.

Master Anglers

Throughout each season at the lodge, our guests catch a ton of fish! Many of our guests catch & release a Master Angler fish. To qualify as a Master Angler fish here are the length requirements:

Walleye: 28" plus
Northern Pike and Muskellunge: 40" plus
Smallouth Bass: 18" plus
Trout: 28" plus

Here you can view a collection of the biggest Pike, Muskie, Bass, Trout and Walleye that our guests have reeled in and released! Take a look!

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